Ceramic Kitchen Knives

Only the Best Ceramic Kitchen Knives

So you’ve stumbled here somehow looking for a ceramic kitchen knife? Well you’re not going to be disappointed because i’m going to show you a good few that while based on balance, ergonomics and design functionality will make your culinary journey all the more sweeter.

Why is a Ceramic Kitchen Knife Different?

ceramic knives

On scale of hardness (Mohs scale of mineral hardness) ceramic knives would appear at about 8.5 out of 10. With 10 being diamond hard, where do others fall in this scale?

Well, since you asked, regular steel is 7.5 and hardened steel is 8. The material ceramic knives are made out of is actually Zirconium Dioxide, or more commonly known as Zirconia. This produces a seriously hard edge and dramatically reduces the need for sharpening.

Besides doing almost exactly the same thing, maintenance is a vital part to play in the role of an everyday knife. Can you imagine having to sharpen a knife for 20 minutes every single day before use? No way! That’s why different materials are used based on the individuals needs.

So without further adieu, let me introduce 5 top ceramic kitchen knives for everyday use that will stay sharp, and keep you on the cutting edge of cookery.

Shan Zu Ceramic Knives

4 star rating

shan zu ceramic kitchen knife

This wonderfully crafted Japanese precision knife is made out of Zirconia, as mentioned above it doesn’t rust, corrode or come with any kind of chemical reaction. The handle is ergonomically designed to be non slip and doesn’t feel like its out of place in a beginners hand.

The Shan Zu knives are specifically designed for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing with their razor sharp edges they hold their edge for long periods of time and ensure maximum cutting performance and durability.

Most single knives come with a blade sheath and come with an awesome looking packaging that gives the real authentic Japanese feel to it.

A great addition to a kitchen and certainly a fan favorite, if not for tit’s looks but it’s cutting abilities.

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Rocknife Ceramic Knives

5 star rating

rocknife set pink

Rocknife are a brand to be reckoned with. With 5 star customer ratings all across the board, they are a standard that people have come to expect.

Long lasting blade sharpness and edge durability has made these knife sets a fan favorite.

Lightweight and balanced, a rocknife kitchen blade won’t rust nor will it leave other food odors on the fresh grub you’ve been chopping up.

Perfect for dicing and vegetable slicing, these ceramic knives are the forefront of cutting edge technology. With a soft grip, they wont tire your hand out easily and are a dream to maneuver.

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Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives

5 star rating

joseph joseph ceramic knives

Another entry for Joseph and Joseph who featured in our main article about The Best 9 Kitchen Knives

This time the manufactured beauties are in the ceramic styling of kitchen wares. As you can see from the image above they are stylish to say the least. Color coded into size order you’ll get these out of a block with little to no thought.

As for the performance of these super stars of the kitchen world, lets just say that 5 star customer reviews from nearly 100 people means that it is a 5 star product!

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