Ceramic Knives On Amazon Uk

The Best Ceramic Knives to Buy On Amazon: UK Buyers guide

Obviously you want a ceramic knife from amazon, why else would you be here? It’s better to get advice from somewhere else rather than have to spend ages browsing through the vast nexus that is Amazon by yourself. Take a look at some of the sharpest knives in the drawer!


Samurai Epicure Ceramic Knives

5 star rating

Ceramic knives samurai

At the time of writing, this is a 5 star product. If something happens to have changed then leave a comment to let me know. If you have one then feel free to leave another comment giving your thoughts on them.

It comes with a 3 year production warranty so you can be rest assured that it’s going to last a good long time. And if not, you get another one! You cant argue with that now can you?

The handles are coated in super soft silicone and have a capped end made with chrome for its finishing touch. The blades themselves are coated with zirconium powder and baked in extreme heat to give it the finish it deserves.

This ceramic knife set comes as a 3 piece set and do come with tip guards to keep the tip of the blade as safe as it can be when you keep them in a drawer.

Price wise it’s one of the dearer ones on the market, it’s common to see a knife with a black handle so keep going if you’re looking for something flashy because you’re in for a real treat. Keep in mind though, you get what you pay for!

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Wanbasion Blue Ceramic Knives Set

4 point 5 star rating

Wanbasion Blue ceramic knives amazon uk

You’be got to admit, these are some pretty tasty looking knives. Some of the finest looking ceramic knives amazon uk can offer you are right before your eyes.

The guys at Wanbasion make loads of different knives and sets, in fact they make so many that you’ll be able to find a whole post dedicated just to them rather soon. I wouldn’t be right to showcase just one set of their wares on offer.

Technically not a true ceramic knife in a logical sense but coated to make it super hard. It boasts scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.

Keep an eye out for the Wanbasion post coming soon.

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Icxox Ceramic 6″ Knife Set

4 star rating

Icxox ceramic knives

If you’re willing to sacrifice cost for ratings then this is the set for you, a bit cheaper than most ceramic knives sets amazon uk is selling, these will still do you proud though.

It comes with a 6″ Chef’s knife, a 4″ Fruit knife and a 2″ Paring knife. It comes with a vegetable peeler just in case you need to tear some skin off those pesky veggies. A very versatile set indeed from the outside looking in.

It comes in two colours, silver and black. The black set looks super smart and any self respecting wanna be chef at home would be happy to have these in his armoury.

These knives are 10 time harder than Steel, zirconia and aluminium is pressed into the mould with over 300 tonnes of pressure to compress it to perfection.

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Kyocera Ceramic Knives and Block Set

5 star rating

kyocera ceramic kitchen knives set

Kyocera make some undoubtedly good products. These ceramic knives deserve a mention not only for their style, but for the high price tag that comes with them too! Follow the link to see just how much they cost for these 4 (including the bamboo block)

Kyocera ceramic knives white

These beauties have white silicone handles and white ceramic blades for that minimalist finish.  Not many people have left written reviews but the words make a loud statement “Very Good” writes one verified purchaser, “Very Happy” concludes another. One customer gave it 3 thumbs up emoji’s to sum it all off in sweet style.

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There are many more ceramic knives amazon uk sells, these are some of the better (and one cheap one) just to whet your appetite. If you’d rather just find all the ceramic knives then click here


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