Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to search through another page. This about page will show you that all the links on here roll on through to Amazon.

These are what are called affiliate links, they do earn me a small percentage for every purchase made. It really isn’t a lot and the margins are much better in actually selling them myself.

That being said, i’d like to be as transparent as possible and thought i’d let you know that’s how the site works. Every review is honest and the ratings are as accurate as possibly can be.

There’s no prices for anything on here and that’s for the simple reason that things change on Amazon and the change constantly. I can imagine if i said there was a knife for £22/$22 and after following the link it wasn’t on offer anymore and it turns out its £/$50 you’d feel slightly cheated wouldn’t you?

So there we have it folks, there’s really all not that much to it. A quick explanation of how things work and hopefully you find my site helpful in some kind of way.

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