9 Of The Best Kitchen Knives

The Best 9 Kitchen Knives Tested For You

Looking to stay ahead of the competition? Or simply want to fine tune your cookery skills at home?

It’s always hard making a purchase for something that you’re going to use a lot. Even something you may love to use already. Being a good cook in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to have the most expensive.

It’s just like cars, Porsche make a nice looking car but BMW make a cheaper one that does the job just as well. It’s this comparison of kitchen knives we’ll be looking at today. Not just in performance but longevity too. Why would you want to buy the best kitchen knife for it to last 2 months?

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Knife Jargon Explained

If you’re new to culinary chop chopping then take a minute to have a read of these few knife jargon terms so you can get to grips with the terminology used to describe how utterly fantastic each blade is, as each hold their own merits and may fit differently in each person’s hand accordingly.


knife tang explained

What is a knife tang? Well intrepid explorer, the knife’s tang is the part of the blade that is generally hidden from sight. It is extended from the sharp part of the blade and used as the handle. There are many different types of tang, not limited to the ones in the image above. They are an inaugural part of the blade and directly affect performance.

The tang is seldom something people talk about when making a choice for a knife but the tang is one of the center pieces of the best kitchen knives. It even goes so far as to determine which materials should be used, and the ergonomics applied to it.


Balance is something that cannot be seen by the characteristics of a photograph. It’s not something that can be defined by placing the tip on a finger and trying to keep it upright.

Balance is more reserved for the feeling of a knife in your hand as you use it. Not front heavy or weighted to the back. As you use a knife the motions will require more effort to correct the issue yourself.

3 Types Of Steel

Stainless Steel: A general, run of the mill steel your other cutlery is probably made from. It’s a cheap, easily affordable material that is affordable but is the least superior of the types of steel. As a result of this the blade will require sharpening more often.

Carbon Steel: Carbon Steel has a much higher Carbon content in it and can be sharpened to a much finer cutting edge and will stay sharper for much longer. Possibly needing to be sharpened every few months.

Damascus Steel: The superior of the cutting blades materials. Damascus steel is the term used when the material is forged from several different layers of steel alloys together. Resulting in an incredibly durable material. It can be sharpened to a very fine edge and will stay sharper for much much longer.

Judge Sabatier Chef’s Knife

3 star rating

Judge Sabatier Cooks Knife

If you’re looking for an affordable start to your kitchen career then this would be a great start.

Traditionally styled with an easy hand held fit, this knife makes swift work of soft vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces.

Against meats this knife could do better. Tearing at red meat and fish rather than cutting to finely as you expect a kitchen knife to do so.

All in all, a great beginners knife for preparing. More suited to slicing and dicing than fine cutting, it’s inexpensive price would see you needing the accompanied sharpening steel to keep it sharp at all times.

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Joseph Joseph Slice & Sharpen Chef’s Knife

3 star rating

joseph and joseph chefs knife 6 inch

Another 3 star entry from the makers of Joseph & Joseph. Which is surprising considering it’s wonderfully sleek, carbon black design.

A knife is always at it’s best when it’s sharp, which is why this little beauty comes with a ceramic edge sharpener built in to the end of the sheath. A nice reminder to use it every time you use it!

Compact and lightweight, this makes mincemeat of the lighter chopping tasks and stripping fat off meat but still falls short of the larger tasks i.e cutting pineapples or butternut squash’s.

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Oxo Good Grips Professional Chef’s Knife

3 point 5 star rating

oxo professional chefs knife

Designed as a professionals go to tool, the ergonomics of this kitchen knife are well emphasized on the side of comfort.

With a weighty tip of the blade, this knife would be useful for dicing rather than chopping. It’s larger size helps with larger pineapple sized kitchen dwellers.

It’s been designed to offer more resistance to stains so this item would prove useful for those who use a lot of fruits in their cooking.

A great all rounder but not suitable for your everyday use.

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Kuhn Rikon Colori Ice-Hardened Titanium Chef’s Knife with Safety Sheath

3 point 5 star rating

kuhn rikon colori ice hardened titanium

Switzerland meets Japan in this award winning designed blade in a more modern take on a chefs kitchen knife.

This knife excels at slicing tasks and the ice hardened titanium coated blade provides a greater protection against the elements. Meats are no match for this super sharp but a butternut squash still proves to be more a nemesis for this lower end blade.

A nice little touch though, this knife comes with a sheath that slides over the business end of it when not in use.

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BergHOFF Ron Chef’s Knife

3 point 5 star rating

BergHOFF kitchen bad boy knife

Styled like a Japanese kitchen knife, this Ashwood handled beauty has won two awards.

Although the wooden handle isn’t exactly dishwasher friendly, it does excel in design but it’s non stick coating only seems to be useful while dicing and chopping. It may come as somewhat of a surprise but non-stick is too non sticky and slides off meat when trimming fat.

This is a beautiful knife to have on show but unfortunately lacks in the right departments.

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Stellar Taiku Cook’s Knife

4 star rating

Stellar IT17 Cooks knnife

This knife places precision at the core of it’s design. A bit heavier than most kitchen knives, the weight is focused at the back giving more control to dicing and the blade is wonderfully sharp so that fat on meat is history!

No fruit, or meat came close to standing up to this demon besides a pineapple, getting a bit stuck halfway through you’ll definitely find use for this in your kitchen at home.

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Robert Welch Signature Cook’s Knife

4 star rating

Robert Welch Signature Cooks Knife

Designed to look and feel like a professional chefs knife, this Robert Welch does a fantastic job of imitating for the kitchen at home.

This blade offers one of the most perfect combination of balance and strength ever to be seen. Its curved edge means it’s perfect for dicing and chopping and even made light work of the pineapple which makes this a fantastic versatile purchase.

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Wüsthof Classic Cook’s Knife

5 star rating

Wusthof Classic Ikon kitchen knife

Once you’ve handled one of these German made cutting machines you’ll see why they come with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee.

If you’re not happy with heavy kitchen knives then you could do well with another kitchen knife, otherwise, this is a superb investment.

The handle is ergonomically designed to fit easily in the hand, notched in the right places, this is a one knife fits all. Its razor sharp edge has been sharpened, then further sharpened by some crazy cutting edge technology. It cuts right through a butternut squash with ease and a pineapple would not fare any better against this truly inspiring creation.

That’s why it gets the Knife Pro seal of approval with a 5 star rating and is definitely one of the best rated kitchen knives out there! It goes without saying that buying customers the world over can’t be wrong.

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