Kuhn Rikon Kitchen Accessories

Kuhn Rikon is a leading Swiss manufacturer that specialises in making cheap affordable accessories for the kitchen. Lets jump straight in with some of the top quality stuff you can be offered…

Kuhn Rikon Knife Sharpener

Kuhn Rikon Knife Sharpener In Action
Kuhn Rikon Knife sharpener making mincemeat of being sharpened

This is a safe buy from the guys at Kuhn Rikon. They make cheap, portable knife sharpeners so well that a beginner can use them after reading the instructions, no need for a fancy diploma, it’s almost like plug and play here.

It even collapses in on itself for a more compact storage accessory. You’d be hard pressed to find a sharpener that will compliment so many different types of knives at this kind of money.

It does come in different colours too, mentioning specially red, grey and black. Just in case you’re a bit picky about colour coding and all that.

5 star rating

Customer reviews include: ” Put the the back my Kuhn Rikon, I’e had many sharpeners in the past but this is really good”

Its safe to say Mark will be continuing to use his Kuhn Rikon Knife Sharpener until the stone runs out.

Kuhn Rikon Knife Sharpener

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Kuhn Rikon Food Processor

4 point 5 star rating

kuhn rikon food processor

Who wants to mash up food through a transparent basket? I know i would like too. Imagine if it was in one of these poor quality ones where you can barely see through it, you’d have to take the lid off a few times to check it was cool to distributor.

Not with this little bad boy here though my lucky little friends. Now you can turn your rabbit food into works of art with as little effort as you like.

You can rest assured when you’re making a meal out of, you really are making a meal out of it. Don’t listen to the age old saying, you’re great and you deserve a treat.

You can have this safely tucked away in the dishwasher after use and if you havent finished will sit nicely in most fridges until its ready to be eatean at again. I’m thinking midnight snacks here, anybody else? No? Maybe I’ll save it for lunch then.

The Kuhn Rikon Food Processor is still a fairly good buy, comparing them to the electrical ones which quite frankly scare small children and any animals within a 15 meter radius. It’s cost effective, plus you use the energy you’re about to eat to make it. Very environmentally friendly if you want to think about it like that.

kuhn rikon food processor pull
Bit of elbow grease and you’ve got prepped food in no time.

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Kuhn Rikon Vegetable Peeler

4 point 5 star rating

kuhn rikon vegetable peeler

We’ve all seen clips or images of army or navy cooks sat at a massive pot peeling potatoes with a paring knife, you could imagine that the sheer time it would take would be a day out of someones life. If only they had a vegetable peeler handy?

These things are so easy to use that even my 6 year old genuinely enjoys using it whenever we make dinner with peel-able veggies.

Verified Purchaser on Amazon says that he’s going to be buying 2 more for his daughters going off to university. Such a thoughtful present for them. He does also go on to mention that these things are very sharp and to be careful which way you hold them.

Don’t want to be taking a layer of palm skin off now do we? Although i can imagine there’s a market for that on eBay somewhere…

customer review kuhn rikon peeler

Even the cybernetic-living tissue over a metallic endo-skeleton T-1000 has one!

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Kuhn Rikon Frying Pan Spatula

4 point 5 star rating

Its a frying pan spatula. I can’t big this one up much more than showing off a visual representation of what it looks like:

kuhn rikon frying spatula
Boom, Kuhn Rikon Kitchen Accessory

It does have a 4.5 star rating on Amazon so you know, it probably does what it says on the tin.

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